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Health and Safety Laws in the Workplace

by admin

Simply put, health and safety laws and regulations play an essential role in protecting employees from vulnerability in the workplace. As an employer, you’re required to carry out a risk assessment of every workplace activity. Where necessary, you’ll have to provide your employees with adequate training, supervision, and information to ensure their safety in the workplace. A healthy and safe workplace protects your workers from injury and illness. Additionally, protecting your workers is the right path to take. In the UK, the Health and Safety Executive is the independent regulator whose function is to provide advice and information about health, safety and illness in the workplace.

Different aspects of Health and Safety in the workplace

Health and safety in the workplace covers a wide spectrum of issues. These range from the obvious concerns in industries that use heavy machinery or toxic chemicals down to small details in, for example, office environments that can still protect employees from injury or illness. Considering the office example, for instance, most businesses miss out on the importance of natural lighting in the workplace to the health of their workforce ( If employees are in a position to enjoy natural daylight while working, they feel healthier, happier and are generally more productive. With Parans, you can design your workplace so that sunlight can penetrate even the deepest corners.

Benefits of a good health and safety culture at work

Having good health and safety practices in your workplace can see you reap a number of benefits ( First, they will help protect your skilled workers from injury and illness. In the long run, this can help you retain your trained employees as well as reducing levels of sick leave and related absences. All of this can lead to increased productivity by enabling workers to easily get on with their jobs. Costs will also be reduced, as there will be less staff turnaround meaning fewer costs for recruitment and training. Overall all of this will feed in to creating a great reputation for your company.